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Digital Implant Dentistry

Using technology to make complex implant dentistry easier for the patients!

Implant Dentistry: Service


Knowing what is ahead of us

3D Conebeam CT has been used primarily for accurate diagnosis of head and neck disease but recently used more widely in implant dentistry.

3D CBCT can reproduce the important structures and bone quality of the surgical area which allows doctors to understand the anatomy and prepare the surgery. This leads the surgery to be faster, safer and more comfortable for our patients.

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Accurate Surgical Guide

Most reliable and accurate 

At Leaf Family Dentistry, we use surgical guide for most of our implant surgery.

After acquiring 3D information through CBCT and digital scan of the mouth, Doctors and implant company technician join virtually to plan out the best outcome for each individual case.

Accurate surgical guide allows the surgeon to perform and place the implant exactly where it should be for the best result.

Experience the difference between traditional implant surgery and guided surgery on our patient reviews

Faster and Easier Surgery

No Stress, Minimum Pain, Great Result

By utilizing the state-of-art technology for your surgical guide, the surgeon and the staff will be ready to take care of you before you walk into our clinic. Guided surgery takes less time and usually induce minimum pain to our patients. Due to careful designing and planning of the guide, final restoration results are great.

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