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two doctors working together with one common goal:


Meet the Doctors: TeamMember

Sam Hyunsik Sung

Dr. Sung is a firm believer that happy smile starts with a proper function. Dr. Sung graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and moved to Texas in 2013.


Since then his love for the art and science of dentistry has grown more. Dr. Sung also has a strong passion for implant dentistry.


He is a father of two daughters and spends his free time either playground with daughters or studying online to become a master dentist.


If you have any questions regarding implants please ask Dr. Sung


Sean Sanghun Lee DMD, MS

Dr. Lee believes everyone deserves a great smile. Also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania has a Masters Degree in Engineering and has worked as a Civil Engineer building bridges and tunnels for high-speed rail projects. Now Dr. Lee builds crowns and bridges inside the mouth.


Dr. Lee Still uses the knowledge that he earned as an engineer to make a dental prosthesis that can function better and last longer for the patients. Dr. Lee has a passion for orthodontics and spends time in new technology to make treatment affordable for our patients.


Did You Know?

Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Sung graduated from Ivy league the University of Pennsylvania school of dental medicine 



Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Sung has completed  Advanced Training for Implant Placement & Restoration at Texas A&M School of Dentistry (Formerly Baylor Dental School)


Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Sung is an active member of AGD and follows the ethical and clinical guidelines of the AGD and knowledgable in the state of the art dental technology


Dr. Lee has completed Braces training from the American Orthodontic Society and is an active member.


Both Dr. Sung and Dr. Lee have siblings who are also dentists practicing dentistry in Korea and Maryland.

Both Dr. Sung and Dr. Lee have beautiful two daughters.

Meet the Doctors: Client
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