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Garden of Leaf Family Dentistry

Relaxing environment in the Grand Prairie Neighborhood

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Relaxing and Unique Environment

In 2017 Dr. Sung and Dr. Lee were looking for a quiet office to practice dentistry in DFW, Leaf Family Dentistry became available. Even though it may not have been an ideal modern dental office for the doctors, the name and the setting of the office was unique and would fit the goal of the practice. It was the garden that made the clinic very unique and relaxing. 

Creating a better smile starts with understanding the existing nature of one's mouth.  Everything that goes in has to balance with the existing nature of the patient. The garden of the practice reminds us that dental service providers need to understand the environment of the patient to pursue natural beauty.


What You Might See

Come and See for yourself these interesting garden visitors and tennants


Land Animals

Do not panic if you spot a cat or two wandering around in our garden. 3~4 urban tigers roam from time to time and will ask for foods when hungry. Unfortunately, they are not the friendliest of the cats and will not come near our patients even though you feed them.

The unique place that you might locate the cats are in front of the door that lets you access the garden and the top of the fountain. 

In the Fall you will find very busy squirrels going up and down the fence carrying food for the winter.

Aquatic Animals

Year-round, weather permitting come by and feed the goldfish.

Goldfish population has been reduced due to an accident in 2018 but recent warming of the weather brought number of goldfish to come back. Come and take a peek inside the pond.

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